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Dt swiss tensiometer Der DT Swiss Tensio Analog ist ein Präzisionsinstrument zum Messen der Speichenspannung am Laufrad. Diese Eigenentwicklung von DT Swiss, made in.With the TM-1 engaged on the spoke, the pointer ref. #14 will be pointing to a number on the tool’s graduated scale. This number is a deflection reading that is used in conjunction with the TM-1’s conversion table to determine the actual tension of the spoke.The digital tensiometer is equipped with a digital gauge, allowing fast and easy reading of measurements. Using its Opto-RS232 data output device, the measured values can be transmitted directly to a PC or printer via connecting cable. The DT Swiss tensiometer is a necessity for any professional wheel builder.DT Swiss Spares @ Swinnerton Cycles. DT Swiss Spares Tool Dt Tensiometerdigitalblue. DT Swiss Spares Set of 4 SINC ceramic bearings for 180 hubs. Rinaldo händel geschichte. Swiss made Spoke tension meter suitable for all spoke types including bladed spokes; DT Swiss quality packaged in a hard case for safe storage or transport.The new Cognoscenti Cycles spoke tension meter. The DT Swiss Tensio 2 analogue spoke tension meter enables you to zero in on the exact tension of the.DT Swiss did not become the world's leading spoke maker overnight. me to see a shop build wheels without the use of a spoke tensiometer.

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DT Swiss 180 Carbon Ceramic Hub Rear 24H 130mm Shimano 10/11 Speed. DT Swiss Proline Analogue Tensiometer On display in Maintenance Wheel.The DT Swiss tensiometer is a high-precision instrument used to accurately measure spoke tension in a wheel. DT Swiss Tensiometers are available in analog red or digital blue configurations. The meters can be used with all spoke types, including bladed, butted and Titanium.This is the usage manual for the DT Swiss Spoke Tensiometer. Reproduced with permission of DT Swiss. Document includes German, French. Why, because there's a broad range of acceptable tension and it's easy to drop into this zone and end up with a good wheel.Going to higher tensions does not lead to stiffer or better wheels. As you build the wheel a loose wheel feels loose as the spokes squish together when squeezed and the spoke wrench turns easily, then after a little more tightening and stress relieving the spokes firm up and become taught, then you try for a little more tension and you reach the stage when it's noticeably harder to turn the spoke wrench and the spokes start twisting a little (all this assumes you've correctly lubricated the spokes and rim). Back in the 80's the only wheelbuilding book worth reading was by Jobst Brandt (The Bicycle Wheel) and it's still a very good book today.Jobst described a method of obtaining the correct spoke tension which was was the maximum the rim can withstand without buckling by incrementally tensioning and stress relieving the spokes until the stressing operation caused the rim to lose its shape and buckles, at which point you back off half a turn on the nipples and call it done.

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Dt swiss tensiometer It's not a technique that can be used today because the rims are too strong and you will never be able to make the spokes tight enough to cause the buckling effect, but back then with shallow section single cavity road rims it was possible to use this technique to achieve maximum tension on lightweight road rims.I was fortunate to know one of the UK's legendary wheelbuilders, Joe Thompson who lived nearby who often called in the workshop and we drank tea and chatted about cycling and wheels.Joe built his wheels tight and even now I can still hear him saying nice and tight, and of course Joe never used a tensiometer. Versandhandel fernseher. So along with Jobst Brandt and Joe I became accustomed to tight wheels, but as you'll see later when I eventually took a tensiometer to them the tension value was 125kg which is the norm for a good wheel.Note : If you assess tension by giving the spokes a squeeze then be careful with bladed spokes because you are flexing them across the broad stiffer section and they will feel tighter than they actually are.That's how it started for me and continued the same way into my professional building, no tensiometer and no idea of the numeric tension value in the spokes.The wheels I built for myself met my requirements and if they were good enough for me they would be good enough for paying customers.

DT Swiss Spoke Length Calculation Kits TTSXXXXNSPLCHS. DT Swiss Digital Tensiometer w/ Case & Conversion Charts. I rode my wheels hard and couldn't break them (I tried) and customers never had any problems with them (paying customers will always get in touch if anything goes wrong) and my confidence level was pretty high.Any lingering doubt was finally put to rest as I used the same techniques for building the wheels for several high profile cycling teams (mountain bike downhill race).What all new wheelbuilders require is confidence, especially first time builders.||DT Swiss Spoke Length Calculation Kits TTSXXXXNSPLCHS. DT Swiss Digital Tensiometer w/ Case & Conversion Charts. $1,470.90. DT Swiss Squorx.A detailed discussion on cycle wheelbuilding spoke tension and the tensiometers from DT-Swiss, Park Tools and the Jobst Brandt design.In order to give you a better service DT Swiss uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.,470.90. DT Swiss Squorx.A detailed discussion on cycle wheelbuilding spoke tension and the tensiometers from DT-Swiss, Park Tools and the Jobst Brandt design.In order to give you a better service DT Swiss uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. DT Swiss Torx driver bit for Squorx nipples, standard rims. Add to Basket. Add to Wish. DT Swiss Proline digital tensiometer blue. Add to Basket. Add to Wish.Swiss made, high precision spoke tension instrument. Measures spoke tension for all types of spokes including bladed, butted, Ti, etc. Aluminum construction with precision dial. Includes injection molded plastic storage case and Nm-calibration chart. Features Suitable for all spoke types, including flat spokes Packaged in a custom hard.The DT-Swiss tensiometer The DT-Swiss tensiometer is expensive but for me it's a business expense so not a concern. As soon as it arrived I took it to a pair of mountain bike wheels I'd just built.

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Some could do with a little tension increase but it's not a big deal.I see plenty of wheels when doing race service and often ask myself the question how does this wheel still hold up?They are way out of true with several very loose spokes (finger tight nipples) and the only reason the rider decided to do something about it was because they saw me fixing wheels for free. Handelsblatt uhren. The tension meter is a high-precision tool to measure spoke tensions. Service Video DT Swiss SPLINE Wheels - Building the Wheel EN.HANDLING. Please keep the tensiometer dry in the supplied wooden box. The handles of the tensiometer should only be moved as intended and may only be.I never put the tensiometer on every spoke but since I bought one in the interests of evaluating them I tend to check a couple of spokes and with DT Comp spokes if the DT tensiometer reads around 1200N to 1300N then it's okay. I find that a good tight feeling wheel always seems to end up around 1250N as measured on my DT tensiometer.

Dt swiss tensiometer

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In the book I've shown a cracked MTB rim from a wheel that I'd built and I asked the manufacturer who claimed said it was due to inappropriate use, it was a lightweight mountain bike rim and the customer used a narrow tyre with very high pressure and rode LOTS of miles, if it were used as intended with a larger tyre at a lower pressure it would have been okay.Current rims are well designed and cracked rims are rare, although some rims that are not well designed with insufficient spoke bed thickness can crack, but these are soon identified and the manufacturer gets a revised design out.Mountain bike riders should pay close attention to recommended maximum tyre pressures because over inflating a large volume tyre will cause the rim to crack, not necessarily at the spoke eyelets but the surfaces of the rim channel (often hidden under the rim tape). Forex software developer. If your tensiometer grabs a spoke but the spoke thickness is not what's. For all others DT, Sapim, Park, Wheelsmith, Pillar, CN, Icetoolz, Hozan. spec but wreaks havoc on tensiometer accuracy. painted spokes. © DTSwiss.DT Swiss tensiometer tensio 2 at ROSE Bikes. Individual service Fast delivery Over 110 years of tradition. See for yourself!DT Swiss Spoke Tensiometer. Some mechanics will pluck each of the spokes like the strings on a harp and listen for tone in order to measure.

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These particular wheels were very popular and I did think they would eventually fail but there was not a hint of any problems and if there were problems then the MTB forums would be alive with comments.On this one I backed off the tension but there will be other examples like this being used at the higher tension.This does not mean you have to get your spokes super tight, once you reach around 125Kg then going beyond this achieves nothing (not better, not stiffer, not stronger), but be careful about getting spokes too tight on a lightweight road rim or an old generation rim used in a restoration project because it may buckle under compression during the building. Forex trader home office. Commercial wheelbuilding adds extra pressure because you need to be even more sure that the wheels you build are good and you'll know this if you ever build a wheel for a friend.Errors in wheels you build for yourself are not an issue because it's your fault and your problem.In the commercial world poorly built wheels will tarnish your reputation and lead to costly rectification work.